Accounts Receivable

SeaTouch Accounts Receivable has all the standard features expected in a good Accounts Receivable system and more. SeaTouch Accounts Receivable keeps you on top of your cash by tightly integrating with order processing and our touch screen routing system. 

“A year after we installed SeaTouch the bad economy hit. Sales were down almost 30 percent, but remarkably, we had record profits. Thanks SeaTouch.” 

Atillio Cerqueira
Mayport C&C Fisheries
Jacksonville, Florida
Fully configurable aging periods
On screen aging

Aging reports in detail and summary formats with many selection criteria 
Customer statements – using either standard aging periods or customer specific
Customizable customer statement frequency
Credit hold based on overdue and over credit limit

High speed batch oriented, cash receipts is fully configurable to how you enter cash. Quickly exclude record types during entry to show only records you would like to key off

Average days to pay
Finance Charges
Automated Payment pickups
Fully automated from Accounts Receivable directly into the delivery system – set up fixed, one time, or recurring payments, on specific days of the week.  No longer do you have to remember to tell one of your drivers to pick up a check. SeaTouch does it for you.
Sortable columns permit sorting open items in any manner for quickly  finding specific invoices or payments
Drill down to source document, payment or invoice, and print on the fly
Permit single order credit release with maximum order amount
Option to create offsetting invoice for overpayment automatically with or without maximum limit
Auto calculation of discount amount based on terms
Auto matching of invoice balance
Auto Pay from any starting invoice instead of just oldest to newest