My favorite feature is the touch screen gross profit drill down. We now have the ability to do a gross profit drill down for the entire day, for each route, for each customer, for each order, and each item, down to the actual order line, all on the touch screen.
Graeme Thomson
General Sales Manager
Mayport C&C Fisheries
Jacksonville, Florida


Pricing System
Pricing is the centerpiece of your business
Due to the perishable nature of the products you sell, your prices are difficult to establish as well as labor intensive to quote. Your prices are driven by both the market and cost. So is the SeaTouch pricing engine. Your costs change daily. Market prices change daily. These affect your sell prices continuously. If you can instantly and effectively react to those changes, you stay way ahead of your competition. 

Two Years In Development
The SeaTouch Pricing Engine is so comprehensive, so complete, it is the perfect fit for both the Seafood and Fresh Produce Industries. Speed, flexibility and ease of use are its hallmarks. It was originally written for the fresh produce industry which is subject to much larger and more frequent price swings than the seafood industry.

You Do Not Set Prices In SeaTouch
You do not set prices in SeaTouch, although you can in you want to. You set parameters. Why? They do instantly what would take you hours each day. And once set, they require minimal work and protect you from too low or too high prices.

SeaTouch Price Parameters
Price parameters can be applied broadly (for all customers and chains). They can be applied less broadly (groups of customers or groups of chains). They can be applied individually from a specific chain or customer, a specific category, all the way down to a specific item for a specific customer or chain. You can also have the expiration of one of these price parameters call upon another price parameter. 

Set Fixed Prices And Price Levels If You Want To
In addition to pricing parameters, SeaTouch permits fixed prices as well as pricing levels. You can set them in either a broad or detailed basis just as the price parameters.

Automatic Expiring Prices
Set all prices (parameter, fixed, or level) to expire on a specific date or when market or cost changes. Have the new price either be another fixed price, a price level or a parameter.

Combine Fixed Prices And Levels With Parameter Pricing
Every fixed price or price level can be configured to work with parameter pricing.  That parameter can be for just that one item for a customer, or for an entire item category, for the customer, or at the company level. 

15 Minutes to Set Prices and Send Quotes To All Your Customers
SeaTouch can be set up to price items the same as you do now, but automatically with very little labor. Using SeaTouch you can price 500, 1000, or 5000 customers with custom prices on all the items you sell, in about 15 minutes. And that 15 minutes includes sending customized quotes to all those customers. 

Save Hours Each Day
SeaTouch relieves you and your staff from the drudgery of pricing.  In the process, you are confident all your thousands of custom prices are correct and quotes with those prices are delivered quickly to your customers. 
A customer can be a member of a chain and yet pricing for certain items can be priced at the customer level and others priced at the chain level.
Merge of customer quote list and chain quote list into single quote.

Multilevel cost plus or gross profit percentage with dollar and percent markup
Multilevel market price plus with dollar and percent markup
Base level pricing on previously calculated levels
Fixed pricing with date or cost change expiration
Contract Pricing with auto assignment of new contract
Final price rounding up to nearest 5,10,25, and 50 cent with deduction amount after rounding to automatically arrive at a price ending with a number of your choosing (I.E. $2.19, $1.99, $1.98)

Your Company 
Chain Customer 
Single or Multiple Unrelated Customers
Auto Combine of Chain and Single Customers 
Specific Product Category
Specific Product Category for either chain or customer
Specific Product
Specific Product for either chain or customer
Set specific days of the week as price change days for both customers and chains. Maybe you only want to change prices on a customer on Monday and Thursday. Another customer only gets prices changed on Tuesday and Thursday.
Assign specific expiration dates or have the system automatically change the price if the cost or market changes on the item
User assignment of pricing level priorities (chain fixed price overrides customer fixed price, customer contract overrides chain contract, etc.).  You choose the order of pricing priority based in the way your company does business.
"Item Market/Cost Entry" - This one screen is all you need to control pricing for all your customers. Highly designed, this pricing screen permits a single cost knowledgeable person to “feel” product prices based on market, cost, inventory, and supplier status.
Pricing Parameters 
Parameters Assigned At Multiple Calculation Points
Price Expiration
Single  Screen Drives Entire Pricing System

Single and Chain Customer Pricing