Rock Solid Security
SeaTouch uses the same database as the NASDAQ® Stock Exchange. How’s that for security? 

In this day and age of devices located anywhere accessing your data, security of that data is paramount. The SeaTouch security system was written from the ground up, patterned after the role based security employed at almost all of the Fortune 500 companies. Why did we do that? It sounds complicated to use. It actually is just the opposite. Large companies employ role based security because it is easy to use but powerful. It allows them to make security changes with a minimum amount of labor. 

User Security Roles
SeaTouch uses a role based security system. Role based security provides both the highest level of security and easiest administration. For example: You decide you would like to have all the sales people in your organization have access to gross profit figures. Make one change to the sales person security role and you are done. The security for all your sales reps is changed. Users can also be members of more than one role. You may have a buyer who doubles as a sales rep. Add the sales rep role to your buyer's security profile and you are done. All the appropriate sales rep security settings are automatically copied to the buyer's security profile. You get the idea. High security and simple administration. 

Device Security
In addition to user security, SeaTouch employs device security as well. Since devices can access data anywhere, you want the ability to not only control who sees what information, but what information can be shown on a specific device. You can set SeaTouch up such that regardless of who logs in to one of your Touch Screens, that device will not show sales or cost figures. You also might not want a specific Touch Screen to permit changes to any data. 

SeaTouch keeps track of system access (failed and successful), who, when where and what they did. 
"We rely on the SeaTouch quoting system heavily. The only thing we have to do before we kick off the sending of our quotes is to check our market prices in the morning. This takes about 10 minutes. SeaTouch does the rest sending customized quotes to every customer. What used to take hours is now 10 minutes."
Dave Goldstein
Fish's Wholesale
Coral Springs, Florida