Zero Labor™ Quote System
SeaTouch Zero Labor™ Quote System Uses Web Technology

Computer Generated Customized Quotes for Each Customer or Prospect
The system sends a fully customized, tailored quote to each customer/prospect based on the day of week. On Monday they might get a quote of all their items, Tuesday and Wednesday they may get no quote, and on Thursday they only get a quote of changed items. If they are a member of a chain or customer group, quote items for that chain/group are automatically merged in with the customer’s items to produce a single, custom priced quote, even with the customer’s item codes and item descriptions.

Automatically Send The Right Quotes To The Right People
SeaTouch knows which customer gets quoted which items, when they are to be sent, what day of the week they are sent, and who gets them, each and every day. All you do is click a button and SeaTouch does the rest.

Send Thousands Of Customized Quotes With The Click Of A Mouse
Since all your prices were automatically set, sending your quotes is a mouse click away. The system automatically builds the list of quotes to send from parameters and off they go. Of course you can send quotes to specific customers or groups of customers as well. Quotes can be faxed or emailed or both. Multiple methods and recipients can be set up for each customer. Different customers can have different quote formats. Thousands of quotes go out custom tailored for each customer and only for days of the week  each customer wants them and in the format they want.

Quotes Integrated Into Order Processing
All the quotes are fully integrated into the SeaTouch™ Order Processing. During Sales Order Entry, you can choose to enter item quantities right off the quote items and build the order.  For that matter, you can do the same for chain items, customer purchase history, and customer item profile, all  while you are on the phone with the customer, or taking orders off your voice mail system.

"We rely on the SeaTouch quoting system heavily. The only thing we have to do before we kick off the sending of our quotes is to check our market prices in the morning. This takes about 10 minutes. SeaTouch does the rest sending customized quotes to every customer. What used to take hours is now 10 minutes."
Dave Goldstein
Fish's Wholesale
Coral Springs, Florida
You can include logos, colors, pictures, etc. on your quotes.
Set font, text size, and borders 
Create PDF quote documents
Send an unlimited number of quotes per customer using different delivery methods
Fully configurable quote and quote emails with "mail merge" customization