PC's, Linux, Apple MAC, Apple iPhone, Smart Phones
Anyone in your organization along with your customers, can access your SeaTouch system from any web enabled device. This includes Windows PC’s, tablets, Netbooks, Apple MAC’s, Linux, PDA’s and smart phones, along with wireless equipment for your warehouse by Symbol, Motorola, etc. SeaTouch keeps your staff and your customers in the loop, wherever they are, and with any device.

SeaTouch runs in any browser without the installation of any other software. And not only does it run in a browser, it runs in a browser just like a desktop application. There is no additional training. 

Use SeaTouch over the Internet just as you would when you are sitting at your desk in the office. There are no differences. We are able to achieve this by using a technology called "Ajax" which is the same technology behind Google™ Earth.

The days of the PC as we know it are slowly coming to an end. Data is now accessed by all kinds of devices running all kinds of operating systems.  The common thread through all of these devices is that they all have an Internet browser. As we move away from the PC centric world, it is imperative that the entire application suite runs in an Internet browser.

SeaTouch is there now.

SeaTouch Completely Web Enabled
“We are a family owned business. We don’t have a technical support department. The SeaTouch staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Our questions (both technical and business consulting) are answered well and quickly.” 
Grace Marie Molin
Gra-Bar Fresh Fish and Seafood
Westbury, Long Island