Sales Module Overview
“SeaTouch keeps our reps in the field in the processing loop. SeaTouch automatically emails the sales rep the short or unavailable information as the pick qty is entered on the touch screens. The rep can handle the problem without ever having to speak to the production department.” 
Andrew Gustafsson
Cemco International
Oakland Park, FL

The SeaTouch order processing system is built for speed. Time is money, especially in this labor intensive area.  From Order Entry where orders are easily entered into SeaTouch with the customer on the phone, to the lightning fast production room touch screens, to the confirmation process which can confirm an entire day’s invoices in as little as 3 minutes, the SeaTouch Sales Order Processing module is the fastest in the industry. 

Order Entry Needs No Mouse To Execute
Keep your hands on the keyboard for speed. Enter ordered items from customers purchase history, customer quote, customer specific items, chain items, as well as the traditional item code entry– all without using a mouse.

Single Document Order/Invoice/Credit 
No more separate orders, credits and invoices. One number brings up the information quickly. This also minimizes the number of pieces of paper your drivers and accounting personnel handle per day which saves time and money.  Credits get entered directly onto orders during order entry. This yields sales which might otherwise not happen.

Product Returns Integrated Into Touch Based Routing
Product returns are integrated with the touch screen and routing system so you can easily make educated decisions as to whether or not picking up product is cost effective.

Integrated Payment Pickups From Customers
Payment pickups are incorporated into the touch screen routing system permitting one time and recurring payment pickup during deliveries. 

Unlimited Units Of Measure
SeaTouch is the only seafood software package which permits unlimited units of measure. You never have to set up items based on the limits of your software. You set them up as you see fit to run your business. 

Touch Screen

Exception Based Order Confirmation Cuts Hours To Minutes
Exception based confirmations so you only handle the problems. Those orders which are shipped complete do not need to be handled. SeaTouch automatically updates them to Accounts Receivable and the General Ledger without intervention.

Alert System Automatically Notifies Staff Of Any Problems
SeaTouch keeps your sales staff in the loop, wherever they are, by emailing to PC’s, cell phones, and PDA’s customer quotes along with shipping alerts (short shipped items and unavailable items) the instant the pick entry is made on a touch screen, way before your trucks ever leave the building. This way, your sales reps can be proactive, and notify customers with a call to head off any problems. This is a big labor saver. No longer do you have your processing staff notifying the office personnel of problems, only to have office personnel call the sales rep.
Touch Screen Routing
Touch Screen pick and pack
Touch Screen item substitutions
Touch Screen manifest print
Touch Screen invoice and stop sheet print
Touch Screen sales analysis with total sold, total cost, gross margin, with high level summary and drill down to source item