Sales Order Entry
“A year after we installed SeaTouch™ the bad economy hit. Sales were down almost 30 percent, but remarkably, we had record profits. Thanks SeaTouch.” 
Atillio Cerqueira,
Mayport C&C Fisheries
Jacksonville, Florida

SeaTouch Order Entry is designed for two order entry modes: Speed and Assistant. Sometimes the utmost speed is necessary (voicemail orders, or a rushed customer).  Other times you will have customers on the phone who want to be "sold". SeaTouch does both seamlessly

Speed Mode
Using the speed mode, you are able to create an order with a minimum of keystrokes, and be on to the next order quickly. This is used for your customer who wants to get on and off the phone quickly and knows exactly what they want, or for taking orders off of voicemail.

Assistant Mode
In the order assistant mode, your sales staff uses all the data presented (and it’s a lot) to get the highest gross margin on every order you enter. Users are presented all kinds of data related to each item as it is entered, including inventory on hand and orders against, last 3 purchases - price paid, qty purchased, and GP% along with a complete purchase history of the item. All this data is available on the screen without the need to drill down. Need more? You can drill down further to any and all detail data on the customer or item, all without leaving the sales order screen, allowing your staff to maximize gross profit on all lines, in addition to up-selling the customer. 

Easily Switch Between Speed And Assistant Modes In The Same Order
You can even have a combination of the two modes. Move in and out of these order entry modes quickly and seamlessly even in the middle of an order. Both modes allow you to enter item information in a variety of methods with the single click of a button:

Beware Of The Mouse During Order Entry
Each of these order entry methods permit you an alpha item search which instantly zips right to items you want without using any additional keystrokes or the mouse (which drastically slows order entry down). In fact, this is such an important point, we want to elaborate. We know SeaTouch is not the only software package you are evaluating. So when  you have the other demos, notice how often you have to go to the mouse to perform an order entry  task – and see how much it slows down the whole process. Even Microsoft admits the mouse slows you down in data entry environments.  "Today Magazine" (found at encyclopedia.com ) discovered that good data entry software (not centered around the mouse) can increase data entry speed more than 700 percent. 

SeaTouch Is Fast
SeaTouch Order Entry is the fastest order entry in the food industry, and the most informative. You can choose which mode is right for you even while in the middle of an order. Maximize your speed. Maximize your profits. 
Customer purchase history
Customer quoted items
Customer profile (both quoted and un-quoted items which reside on a special profile list)
Customer chain profile
MSC sustainability rankings
10 completely customizable product group buttons set up as you do your business
Customer top purchased items (based on either qty, sales, or gross profit)
Whole fish only
Forms of a specific whole fish
All items
Item code entry

Additionally: each of these display filters can be further limited to only showing items in stock and available to sell - again with a single click of a button.

Often you will read that other order entry software employs "Order Guides" to help you enter a customer's order. That is one additional display filter. SeaTouch has 230 different display filters and most are completely configurable by you!