Touch Screens - Information At Your Fingertips

The reason you use a computer is because it efficiently works with data. Doesn't it stand to reason then that you want a system which moves data as quickly as possible from department to department? The minute you add paper into that nice efficient system, it comes to a grinding halt.  Information on pick tickets is wrong as soon as an order is changed. Those changes can come from inside as well as outside your organization. With touch screens in your production department, your sales reps can enter data from anywhere and rest assured that the correct information is making its way out to the production floor each and every time. Just think of how much your company will save when you drastically lower your pick/pack errors.

Smooth Production
Run your production department without any paper. No more cut tickets. No more pick tickets. No more chasing down incorrect tickets because an order was changed. The touch screen has up to the second information which is immediately passed from the order. This keeps your sales reps from babysitting their orders and at their desks doing what they do best - selling.

Process, pick, pack and load via touch screens. Your entire production department is paperless except of course for the good looking customized packaging labels. Touch screens permit you to pick, pack, and load, any way you do business. You can also change midstream - start by item, change to route, and then by order to finish up. All with the touch of your finger.

Know Up To The Second Production And Delivery Status
At any given moment, do you know the status and gross profit of each and every order, route, customer, and item? In summary and detail? Can you look back in time or into the future, in seconds, with the touch of a finger? 

Instantly and Automatically Notify Reps Of Order Problems - Without Labor
Does your current software notify your sales people, wherever they are, automatically about short ships and unavailable items, instantly, as they are picked so the rep can head off any problems with the customer?  With SeaTouch you can. Anytime an item is short-shipped more than your permitted amount or the item is marked unavailable during touch screen picking, SeaTouch automatically sends an email to the sales rep of  the customer.  The sales rep is the best person to know if that customer needs a call or not. You never have to get any of your other employees involved, which saves you money and streamlines your operation.

Know Exactly Where You Are Making Money
Do you know the gross profit of those items summarized for the day, route, customer, item, all the way to the detail of a specific order line, both before and after they ship, all with the touch of your finger? With SeaTouch, you will.  SeaTouch tracks all of these components—from initial entry to final delivery in an organized, uniform, easy-to-access, Touch Screen based system.

Huge Labor Savings
Touch Screens are used to provide speed and ease of use, which translates into extraordinary labor savings. Major business functions are instantly available. Touch screens can be utilized in many different locations yielding up to the minute information on your entire organization.

Always Up To The Minute Information
All touch screens automatically and constantly refresh so they always show up to the minute data. 

Full Security
All touch screen options are security controlled with the ability to turn all options on or off, based on the user or the actual physical touch screen.

Touch Screen Order Entry For Mobile Netbooks and Tablet PC's
Your sales reps can now access your company data from just about anywhere using small, mobile, PCs including the Apple iPad. SeaTouch designed a touch screen based order entry system for very small, very light, and very mobile netbook and tablet PC's.  All the way down to 7" screens.  No more lugging around full sized notebooks for your sales staff.


Management Tools
Management can stay on the production floor to oversee and be in touch with the entire operation all the while tending to the functions which otherwise would keep them in the back office. Why? Because the same SeaTouch Touch Screens which are used for production also instantly provide management  with an up to the second overview of the day as it progresses.



Sales Analysis


Product Returns Integrated Into Touch Based Routing

Payment Pickups From Customers Integrated into Touch Based Routing

Everything about SeaTouch is so well thought out and easy to use. Touchscreens make training a breeze. New employees can be using the processing touch screen with 5 minutes of training.
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Substitute Items from any Touch Screen instead of having to go back and change orders
Pick, Pack, Route, Invoice and Analyze from any Touch Screen
Print packing labels with your Logo and bar code (even in the cooler)
Route your trucks from any Touch Screen. Move orders from route to route, and change any route stop order from any touch screen
Print invoices either individually or for an entire route from any Touch Screen
See at a glance the sales and gross profit of your entire day, by day, by route, by customer, by item summary, or by individual item order line - drilling down from summary to detail from any touch screen. 
Instantly go back to yesterday, last week, or last year for gross margin analysis
Key Performance Indicators (KPI)  - See Yearly and Monthly sales and profit for all kinds of key performance indicators (KPI) all from your touch screen, sorting by sales, sales and profit trends month to month or year to year. Break this information down by customer, customer type, sales region, route, item, parent item, pricing category, item class, and item group – all on the touch screen
Comprehensive Security - Full security to turn all touch screen features on or off based on user or touch screen location
Product returns are integrated into the touch screen and routing system so you can easily make educated decisions as to whether or not picking up product is cost effective.
Payment pickups are incorporated into the touch screen routing system permitting one time and recurring payment pickup during deliveries.