Our production is fully paperless thanks to SeaTouch. At the touch of the screen, we can see what we have to process for each fish for the entire day, for a specific route, or customer – instantly. This allows us to stay ahead of the day like never before. Trucks are on the road sooner and our customers are happier. 
Dave Goldstein
Fish's Wholesale
Coral Springs, Florida
The perishable food industry has unique requirements when it comes to inventory. Perishable food has the added aspect of highly volatile costs. Very tight inventory controls are a must. From accurate inventory and costing, to a flexible physical inventory system, you have to know where you stand at any given moment. SeaTouch has the tools. Your costing can be based on LIFO, FIFO or weighted average. You can see all the movements of a specific item for any date range of your choice. 

SeaTouch is multi warehouse, with multiple logical locations within those warehouses (called sub-inventories). Each logical location can further have multiple stocking locations within it to stock inventory. At a glance see where you stand for an item in your entire organization, a warehouse, a sub-inventory, or a stocking location.

Inventory Structure

Unlimited Units Of Measure
SeaTouch is the only seafood industry software which permits unlimited units of measure for each item. Sell the same product by the tub, pound, kilo, ounce, case. It doesn't matter. Special requirements and packing are no problem.

Physical Inventory Sub System

The SeaTouch Inventory structure is the same used by many Fortune 500 companies. Whether you are a small company or large, the SeaTouch Inventory Control module is a perfect fit. You might not need to have specific locations for your inventory in your warehouse. No problem. Turn off the feature until you need it and these fields are bypassed automatically, speeding up data entry. When you grow and you need to use the stocking location feature, it is nice to know it's there and waiting for you.
Unlimited multiple sub-inventories within each warehouse
Unlimited stocking locations within each sub-inventory (called a stock locator)
Assign any item to any stock locator. A stock locator can be assigned as a standard or temporary locator for an item
Permits any number of physical inventories to be run either separately or concurrently so you can split up your count any way you would like
Each physical inventory can be assigned all sub-inventories or specific sub-inventories can be assigned.
Counts can be entered into wireless hand held devices or onto printed count sheets.