“A year after we installed SeaTouch™ the bad economy hit. Sales were down almost 30 percent, but remarkably, we had record profits. Thanks SeaTouch.” 

Atillio Cerqueira,
Mayport C&C Fisheries
Jacksonville, Florida
SeaTouch Purchasing Is Different
By employing sophisticated, parameter driven history searches, SeaTouch lets you know what you should order and when you should order it. 

Demand Purchasing System - All In a Single Easy To Use Screen
From this one screen, you are presented with all the necessary information on each and every item to make an intelligent buying decision. See active vendor quotes with prices, quality and notes. See current as well as future day by day inventory position. See purchase history with complete drill down to active as well as received PO's. See both current, future, and  previous sales for specific periods of your choosing. This single screen shows you inventory total on hand, committed, and on order. Each amount is further broken down by days in the future so you can see your day by day inventory position. 

All the information you need is available on this one screen without even having to display another window. Fast, knowledgeable, and efficient.

Additionally, right from this screen you can create a vendor quote or PO in the traditional fashion so you don't have to be moving around your menu system. All purchasing and vendor competitive quoting is performed by one screen greatly simplifying the purchasing process.  This is our Demand Purchasing System

Order By Vendor Or Inventory Demand
During the PO process, you may be working with a full line supplier who you do most of your purchasing from. With the click of a mouse you can tell the system to automatically add any quantities you enter in the batch screen to that vendor's purchase order. The other method is to not select any vendor, but enter quantities to fulfill your inventory demand. Later you can then decide which vendors to purchase those items from. Either method is available at the click of a button.

Categorize Vendors and Vendor Items
Choose by quality, quick delivery, primary vendor, etc. You can either choose to create a single PO or wait until all your purchasing is ready to go and have SeaTouch Purchase Order create and assemble the PO’s for you. Now you only have 1 PO per vendor, simplifying your transactions. You can also create purchase orders the traditional way by selecting a vendor and enter the items you want to purchase. 

Compare Competitive Vendor Quotes
SeaTouch™ makes it easy to compare competitive quotes from vendors. A proposal system helps you gather quotes and select the best prices and qualities to meet your needs. SeaTouch then automatically creates individual purchase orders for each vendor selected. In addition, the SeaTouch PO Quotation system is fully integrated into our Demand Purchasing System.