"We reduced our labor expense 18 percent and that reduction is directly attributable to our use of SeaTouch. This system is fast.” 
Atillio Cerqueira, Owner
Mayport C&C Fisheries
Jacksonville, Florida


Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable is the least managed financial function of most businesses. This allows vendors to take advantage and essentially have you manage their receivables and they dictate your cash flow management. This should not be the case. Your goal is to hold on to your cash as long as possible without damaging your credit. SeaTouch Accounts Payable gives your financial managers the tools to tackle this easily. From vendor and check management to 1099 compliance, SeaTouch Accounts Payable puts you in control.
Vendor Management

Check Management

1099 Compliance

Manage Cash

Comprehensive vendor information
Unlimited payment history
Open and paid invoices by vendor
Unlimited expense distribution.
Ability to hold vendors (vendor status)
Group vendors for analysis
Flexible payment terms
Computer generated laser checks
Manual Checks
Bank Reconciliation
Check Issue sub system tracks printed but not yet mailed checks
Create 1099 reports by vendor
Print 1099-MISC forms
Flexible invoice payment selection process
Automatically pay invoices from received purchase orders
Cash Requirements Reports
Vendor Aging Reports
Payment Selection Reports