Ridium Technologies SeaTouch™ is a feature rich, Touch Screen based seafood software system. It is designed to squeeze the most productivity at the lowest possible cost from your organization. 

Built from the ground up for the seafood industry, SeaTouch™ was designed by top software engineers with input from veterans with over 25 years experience in the seafood business. The result is SeaTouch™ - an easy to use, powerful, well designed, Seafood Software System. Every screen is designed to maximize speed and reduce your labor costs. 

All this from a company who has been creating software for the food industry for over 30 years.
Seafood Software with Touch Screen Technology
For Processors, Distributors, and Importers
Increase your profits
Improve your customer service
Give you the best automated pricing system in the industry
Individually price customers and email/fax quotes in seconds instead of 4-6 hours
Take away your white boards and cutting and picking tickets - Paperless Production
Get your sales reps concentrating on sales - They won't need to monitor orders
Get your trucks out earlier with the right products and fewer returns
Increase your sales while decreasing your overhead
Get you up and running quickly - Easy to use
Give you financial Information at your fingertips
Provide you with rock solid security
What will SeaTouch™ do for you?
Run your processing room and analyze your sales and gross profit on touch screens. 
Route your trucks on touch screens. 
Lookup your key performance indicators (KPI) on touch screens. 
Identify your top selling items, your top customers, your items or customers with the greatest month to month or year to year sales or profit increase (or decrease) , all in seconds, on touch screens.

Any function which uses a touch screen can also easily be used by a standard PC as well.
“I can honestly say SeaTouch is saving us $250,000 per year. And remember, this is during a down turn.  I can't wait to see what happens when things turn around."

Atillio Cerqueira
Mayport C&C Fisheries
Jacksonville, Florida
He could have simply installed the same software he used at his other firm, since he already knew how to use that software. But he wanted better. He wanted more efficiency. He wanted new technology. He wanted a true seafood system and he wanted a software firm that knew seafood. After researching everything, he chose SeaTouch. Having already grown a seafood company to the biggest in the region, he had the advantage of hindsight in his favor. If you had it to do over again, what would you choose?
Load Your Trucks Using iPads
Why Aren't You Paperless? Your productivity gains will be huge. A major New York Metro area seafood company is now using SeaTouch and iPads to load their trucks - right at the dock. There is not a pick ticket in sight. 
Pick pre-selected lots or select different lots - unlotted too
Enter pick quantity - including catch weights
Select substitute item if out of stock of ordered item. 
Pick by route, order, item, stop
Assign routes and stops
Print Invoices immediately - right from the iPads
Take up to the minute orders - they instantly appear on iPads
Load faster and more accurately - no missed orders or product
And - get your trucks out earlier

Process Using Touch Screens
All this and much more on iPads. You as an owner or manager can walk around the plant with your iPad, or even on the road, and see up to the minute information on the status of your day. Assign routes, stops, see gross profit per order, line, customer, route, day, and much, much more.
New Version Released: Major additions include Touch Screen Grading, Automated Customer Credit Card Payments, FedEx Integration, along with over 100 other new features.

New Orleans Seafood Says: “We are extremely happy. SeaTouch is effortless! I did not realize how efficient we could be."

The New Orleans Seafood Company is now up and running on their new SeaTouch system. Founded by Craig Borges (pictured), who also founded one of the largest seafood companies in the Southeast, Craig says he decided to go with SeaTouch for numerous reasons.