Our Guarantee To You:
We will supply you with high quality labels and high quality ribbons at very competitive prices. We will charge you only the freight amount we are charged.  Any freight discounts will always be passed on to our customers. This will translate into a delivered cost to you which is lower than you will find almost anywhere in the USA.

We design software which uses the labels we sell. We have for 25 years.  Our customers print thousands of labels every day using our software and our labels. We know the quality of the label you need and will supply it at excellent prices.

What We Sell:
Quality labels and ribbons of all sizes and materials for all major printer manufacturers - from a single case to millions of labels

What We Don't Sell:
Anything we cannot be extremely competitive on. We don’t want to waste your time.

The Service We Provide:
Many of the companies running their businesses on our software have been with us for over 20 years. We are into long term relationships. We want a long term relationship with you. To earn that relationship we will always have excellent pricing and you will always pay our actual freight cost.

Additionally, because we design software which prints on the labels we sell, we will probably have answers to most of your label questions. You see, our software and the labels it prints are used in some of the harshest and wettest environments computers and printers ever go into - seafood production warehouses and freezers - some well below zero degrees Fahrenheit. Visit our main site While there, see our testimonials and case studies to see what our customers think of us.

We opened our label division after getting fed up with the ever increasing label prices from our customer’s label suppliers. When our customers ordered on the web, many suppliers would not even tell them what the freight would be until their order was placed. Low prices on product only to be gouged on freight, is not what we call reputable.  Other customers were sold low quality labels which constantly jammed by wrapping themselves around the printer drivetrain.

Our software customers kept asking us if we could find them good labels at good prices from a reputable supplier. Now we can. We are their supplier. We would like to be yours.

A division of Ridium Technologies, Inc.
Since 1985

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