Florida's Finest Testimonial - More
“A year after we installed SeaTouch™ the bad economy hit. Sales were down almost 30 percent, but remarkably, we had record profits. Thanks SeaTouch.” 
Atillio Cerqueira,
Mayport C&C Fisheries
Jacksonville, Florida
We were already computerized when we hired a new sales rep. He had been in the industry for over 10 years and had used SeaTouch at his last job. 

Our current system seemed adequate. We never really thought about it. When we saw a SeaTouch demo we realized we needed to make the switch. It really is revolutionary in our industry. 

Everything about SeaTouch is so well thought out and easy to use. Touch screens make training a breeze. New employees can be using the processing touch screen with 5 minutes of training. Our SeaTouch purchase paid for itself completely within 5 months of installation. 

We have some of our reps out on the road. They are kept in the processing loop automatically through email to their phones. When items cannot be shipped in full or are unavailable, SeaTouch automatically emails the sales rep the short information as the pick qty is entered on the touch screens. The rep knows instantly, wherever they are, about the problem and can then handle it without ever having to speak to the production department. Clean and fast.

We have been using it for almost two years now. Best system out there. 
Todd Jaffy
Florida's Finest Seafood
Fort Lauderdale, Florida