Mayport Case Study
“A year after we installed SeaTouch™ the bad economy hit. Sales were down almost 30 percent, but remarkably, we had record profits. Thanks SeaTouch.” 
Atillio Cerqueira,
Mayport C&C Fisheries
Jacksonville, Florida
SeaTouch was designed from the ground up to save its users as much time as possible and yet remain user friendly. That translates into an extremely high return on investment. Mayport’s savings paid for the entire SeaTouch system in four months. Atillio says “With SeaTouch quickly paid for, those savings now go right to our bottom line”.

Those savings were realized not just in labor but in many areas: 

Not only does the Mayport processing department not use cutting or pick tickets, it doesn’t use paper at all. Processing is done solely through touch screen computers. By not utilizing paper, data never gets old. Once a pick ticket is printed, it never changes. That can easily lead to shipping mistakes especially when 2 pick tickets for the same order are floating around. By utilizing touch screens in the processing dept, all processing, order fulfillment and shipping is based upon up to the second information. Processing and order fulfillment accuracy are almost 100%. Processing Touch Screens also refresh every minute so any new orders are instantly available. 

Employees see at a glance the entire processing operation status at the moment. What is left to fill on each route, or for each customer, or for each item – at the touch of the screen.

Sales – Now a Smooth Operation
The SeaTouch Sales Order Entry module is the fastest order entry system available. The Mayport sales team now always enters orders directly into the SeaTouch order entry module while the customer is on the phone. It is simply a faster and more profitable way to take orders. This translates into a better customer experience, less stressed sales people, more accurate orders, and higher profit orders. In addition, there is a side benefit of using the SeaTouch Order Entry Module which Mayport was unaware of when they purchased SeaTouch. “Now our sales people do not have to leave their desks to make sure an order gets processed quickly. It is instantly available to the warehouse and processing touch screens. This keeps the sales people at their desks which means the phones usually get answered on the first or second ring. Before SeaTouch, our phones would often ring 4 and 5 times before getting answered. Our sales staff is now selling more than ever because they are more available to our customers. Our total sales per order is up and so is our profit per order. This is a win win for everyone.” says Atillio.

Order Confirmation - Turning Orders Into Invoices
Ridium has streamlined the confirmation process to such an extent that what used to take hours now takes minutes.  Mayport is saving almost $15,000/year in this process alone because of SeaTouch. Easy, quick, and immensely more accurate. “During our SeaTouch demo, Ridium made it a point to make sure we realized that the efficiencies in the SeaTouch confirmation process alone would pay for our SeaTouch system. And they have. It is truly ingenious.” says Lynette, Mayport’s controller.

Sitting On The Fence
“We sat on the fence so long because we could not find a software solution for our business we were comfortable with. When we saw SeaTouch, we knew we found what we had been looking for.” says Atillio. “I can honestly say SeaTouch is saving us $250,000 per year. And remember, this is during a down turn.  I can't wait to see what happens when things turn around."
For years Mayport C&C, a seafood processor in Jacksonville, Florida, knew they needed a new computer system, but which one to choose? Their initial research was no help. None of the seafood software systems they knew about had received good reviews by their users. Then, one day, one of their suppliers told them about SeaTouch. When Mayport spoke to SeaTouch users, they realized SeaTouch was what they had been looking for. Mayport  employees then travelled to 6 different seafood operations throughout Florida to see all the other seafood software live, in action. After additional research and extensive demos, including demos of the other systems just to be sure, SeaTouch was selected.

Return On Investment
“SeaTouch cut our overhead dramatically while increasing our gross margin” declares Mayport’s President Atillio Cerqueira. “In fact, we reduced our labor expense 18 percent and that reduction is directly attributable to our use of SeaTouch”.  

“Here is another amazing statistic and a testament to SeaTouch. Because of the bad economy, this past year our sales were down almost 30 percent, but remarkably, we had a record profit.” said Atillio.